Why do I always attract the wrong guys who just want to use me?

Any guy I've been involved with are no good. They either wanted just sex, and when I say no want nothing to do with me. Sleep with me then want nothing to do with me. Or use me financially or is abusive. Can't only be cause I choose the wrong guys cause no good guy approaches or I'd give him a chance just like that.


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  • You haven't try me yet. I am the best honest and caring­čśť. You should probably do a little backround search before you say yes to anyone. That way you know you made a better choice then the previous one


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  • "No guy approaches" have you tried approaching men? If not, then you are in the 1950's. Men will not just magically come to you, idiot.

    • Yes I have and still got the same results, idiot.

    • Then it is the types of men you approach and attract. You must go for the very attractive men that are assholes.

  • Go for the OPPOSITE of what you usually go for.


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