I'm in trouble emergency?

A girl in school. We just graduated. She added me on ig. she's liked my selfies and at times comments. One time she liked my meme that said "I need a babe and i don't need a babe". It was my bday last week. She said "we should take our fast cars out for a spin & nice rims you have *in love emoji face* ". One other time she said "i just got a new car we should celebrate with a cold beer". I had gfs in the past so im no ugly. Now we never hang out or talk/txt this is just on social media that happens. My guy friends is friends with her and when they asked her about me she said "he's a cool guy".

Is it me or is she trying everything for me to hang with her & maybe likes me? Or is she just being friendly? ...


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  • Omg yeah sure she likes you, ask her out. There, that's obviously what you want to hear.


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  • Race cars? Drink cold beers? LMAO doesn't sound like a girls. Anyways, it sounds like she's trying to take the initiative to spend time with you, for the obvious reason that she likes you.


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