I told him I want you. he said quit playing. ? why he say that?

seriously why he say that. I was being dead serious he just said nothing?
i guess if he wanted me he would of said


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  • In what context did you say this? I was in the middle of Monetary, Mexico on holiday at a pub with my girlfriend, at the time. I was watching football and she said I Want you. I said stop playing, the games on. Needless to say she got all kinds of pissed the bleep off.

    • I literally want him. I want you to want me.

    • Well you sound like loads of fun, so I don't know what the guys hold up would be. Are you sure he is single, maybe he is having Second thoughts if he isn't single. I know as a guy when a girls says she wants it I usually oblige lol

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  • He doesn't trust you enough. He thought you were joking/mocking him.
    Oh damn, I've been in his position way too many times.

    • what happen? if U have time tell 🤓

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  • He didn't think you really wanted to make love (I want you means I want to make love, right?).

  • Most likely he thinks he can't be that lucky. Show him your tits next time. Or just be even more dead serious.

    • really. he don't know I like man?
      28 yo old n he can't tell. I guess we both have not asked the question do u just fresling like me already or what

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