Would you date this girl?

This girl is 18, has auburn red shoulder length hair, brown eyes, has glasses, is 5 foot 3, has big boobs but no butt and is on the skinny side. She likes geeky/nerdy things like reading (she has read up to five different books at one time), cosplaying, and going to comic-con. She is a total introvert and is shy when you first meet her but says whatever comes to mind when she gets comfortable with someone. She has never had a boyfriend or her first kiss. She loves Guns n Roses and Def Leppard.
Almost forgot. She is a GREAT cook.


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  • I would say yes. Unlike some people I don't think you would be to young for me since you are 18. What made it a yes is the big boobs and likes geeky/nerdy thing, probably have stuff in common then. Th cosplaying is cool and could actually be useful. What would make me think twice is being introvert and shy and never having a boyfriend or fist kiss. That mans be harder to get to know her and probably more effort needed on my part, as well being a person's first for anything like this is a bit of pressure. Her taste in music show potential and isn't that bad, I'd chalk it up to her being young and not knowing of even better stuff.


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  • She sounds nice but she is far too young for me.


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