What would your dream date be like?

amusement park / ok and?
anyone else?


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  • I tried to get a guy to take me to an animal shelter on a date so we could cuddle puppies together but it was a no go :( (He was a good friend by the way lol I wouldn't ever do this with someone I just met)

    I think goofy golf would be fun because it's cute and flirty and it can get physical if you want it to. It's not as tense as a restaurant date either and you can definitely have fun and laugh and talk without feeling like you're being interviewed.

    I had a guy walk around with me at a park on the water once too and it was nice (albeit a little awkward). I was shivering and I reallyyyy was hoping he'd wrap his jacket around me but he never did haha. I always think it's so sweet when guys do that


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