My boyfriend has bad breath and bad manners. Time to move on?

I've been dating this guy for the past 2 months. He's never had a girlfriend, just one night stands and relationships that last a week or two. He's attractive but now I think I know why...

He has bad breath. I've offered him gum but he never accepts. He ate a big ol' sandwich with onions once & kissed me. I pulled away. He'll also say weird things like "I can't wait to swap spit with you" or "let me kiss you so I can wipe your teeth clean". It's kind of gross.

He's is a self proclaimed nerd. Which is great because his conversations are profound. He's insensitive at times. For instance he told me he donated blood. I told him I couldn't because I had had a blood transfusion earlier this year and needed to wait a year. He said, "Maybe they think you have AIDS and they think you're gonna die in a year." He apologized and said he was just joking.

He also snatched my fries at one point, which shouldn't be a big deal but I found it rude. He ate my fries. The issue is he ate my fries. Did not ask and had an order of fries himself. What is up with that?

Anyway, I have yet to have sex with him. He wants to spend the night this weekend (no sex). Not until he gets rid of his bad breath and bad manners. How do I tell him to get rid of his bad breath and manners? Or time to move on?


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  • I think you are in for a lot of work and grooming with this guy. He just seems too rough around the edges. Unless you see a diamond in the rough there, I say it is a lost cause and move on!


Most Helpful Girl

  • If he joke around like that then he'll be ok with a joke back. Just kinda ease into it and not abruptly tell him to go brush his teeth. I think you kinda waited too long really. At first whiff you should've told him its not gonna work if his breath isn't right. For now though just tell him he needs to brush, rinse, floss and so on.

    Maybe just like when he leans in to kiss you, pull away and tell him go brush. I don't know if he'll be the type to actually use that against you and try to kiss you anyeay but you should be more firm if the first time isn't enough. Then you should hold off on sex till he gets the idea.

    As for the fries things that's more of a normal thing for couples. Just tell him to ask if you don't like it, but I think you should give him a chance first if these are his only faults


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  • Can't you just let him know it's important he learns to grooms himself more


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  • Manners, be straight up about. Breath, just make suggestions, and when he stays make a big thing about brushing yours.


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