How to deal with insecurities?

Its a battle I've struggled with a lot. Im 23 and for the first time in my life i have a boyfriend, he is 27, educated and has his own place, good work, he is nice, good looking in my eyes and i basically love him a lot.

Im 23, live in a student dorm, finishing my last year bachelors.. no saved up money. and i just get insecure because i feel he can do better.. most of his friends are getting married.. some have kids and what if he wants all that?

I know we have an amazing time with each other and we click so well.. but like last night i got so emotional and was overthinking it all.. mby its my period haha


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  • We are all scared, its fine and natural
    With time things have a way of working out, take one day at a time


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  • haha u sound like me! lol your crazy... do be a little silly apple and get confused take a nap and by tomorrow u won't even know why foolish thought came to your mind.


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  • Its normal to be emotional on your period. If you love this guy then marry him.


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