How do you move on from a guy fast?

I ended things with an friends with benefits, my crush, bc I wanted more than he wanted. I asked him if he wanted to take it to the next level asked he said no, although his asked diction lead me to believe otherwise. I broke up with him before Halloween. A month has passed. He's angry at me for ending it and he told me never contact him again or talk to him again and that he was never going to fuck me or have a relationship with me. We never argued the whole time we were together. We went on dates X2 a week, cuddled, slept over, ate together, and we work together too. So I wasn't understanding where all the anger was coming from. I didn't contact him for 2 weeks after the breakup, then I tried to tell him we can be cordial and say hello and stuff bc he was avoiding me to the extreme. Parking on the other side of the building to get away from me, walking the other way when I walked past, etc. And he just went on a tangent saying he never trusted me and stuff. We dated for 5 months and I broke up with him because I wanted more than he did and I didn't want to waste more time in a dead end situation and get my feelings caught up even more. Even though I let him go, it's hard to move on. It'd be easier to move on if I had something to distract me but I don't have any hobbies or any persons lining up to date me. What should I do?


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  • You just do. Shut down the emotions and move on


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