I like a guy who is a Muslim?

I really like him. he's really beautiful, sweet and adorable. He is half white, half Pakistani muslim. The problem is , he is always subjected to cruel jokes and racist remarks that he is a terrorist. It is very painful for me to hear such comments about him because he is not. People treat him as if he's a joke, everyone likes to defame him and even his close white friends don't stand up for him when he faces racist comments. Even the ones who aren't racist, belong to different cultures and he has trouble relating to them.

He has tattoos, drinks and had relationships in the past and he gets insulted for them , that he is a disgrace to their religion. And whenever I try to defend him in such matters, I am told to shut up because I am not a muslim and I shouldn't talk about Islam and it's rules.

What can I do? I try to defend him everytime but the sadness on his face and the oppression he goes through , hurts me. by the way, I am not white. I am Indian.


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  • maybe have him look into Christianity? might not change people view... but it might give him more strength and support.


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