How soon should I tell the guy who asked me out that I'm only 19?

I met this really cute guy today outside the lab where I work. He asked me what I do there, and I told him I'm a research assistant , which I am, but only part time cause I'm only a college freshman. We hit it off and he got my number and asked me out, but I think he thinks I'm older than I am. I'd estimate he is somewhere between 25-35. We are going to dinner on Sunday, I'm not sure if I should bring up the fact that I'm still a student and only 19, or to just let it be and ignore the age gap cause we are both adultsz I don't have a problem with it I'm just worried he will think I'm too young for him but I really like him, and obviously we will know each other's ages eventually , but should I specifically bring it up, or do you think to just let well enough alone?


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  • Uh, well I'd assume that's something you tell the person right away, but since you're above 18, I can't see why that's a problem unless you're going to drink alcohol? Just be honest with him I guess.


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