IPhone experts - how do you know when you've been unblocked?

I had a fight with a girl on Saturday night and she called on Sunday to apologize, but then broke up with me. We've gone through this a few times in the last month and I reacted differently this time - more like I was tired of arguing and if she wanted to break up then whatever. We wound up texting after the phone call, no anger or anything, and she sent me a farewell text and then blocked me (she too has an iPhone) before I could respond. She didn't do this out of anger or anything, and I kind of figured it was temporary but didn't know for sure. So I texted her the next day and they were still sending as texts, as if I was texting an Android (at first when someone blocks you, your phone doesn't know, so it tries to send as iMessage, but the following day, iMessage wasn't an option, so I almost think she may have unblocked me as early as Sunday but turned iMessages off so I would still think I was blocked, just to see if I would text her).

But now, when I open her thread, the typing field says "iMessage" again, not "Text message," and when I type a character, the send button is blue, not green. I haven't sent her a text since I realized this last night, but do two iPhones communicate that way? Does the fact that my phone is showing iMessage and a blue send button mean that iMessages are available because she unblocked me? Or does my phone have no idea whether I can actually send her an iMessage or not?

Bear in mind, this girl is pretty savvy with her phone and what kinds of signals she can send using various settings like read receipts and what not, so if you think I'm overanalyzing her behavior, I'm probably not. I just want to know how your iPhone behaves when another iPhone user unblocks your number.
Disregard. She definitely unblocked me. So I guess your phone knows.


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