Christmas gift or not? Only been dating a few weeks?

I've only been dating him for twoish weeks and by Christmas it will be three or almost four weeks.
I dont know how it works should i get a Christmas present for him? Wait and ask if he giving ne one? Or not at all? It just gonna be awkward if he gets me a gift and i have nothing
Advice please? Im 24 and he's 25


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  • You can, but nothing big. Think something along the lines of a box of chocolates, maybe a small Amazon gift card, etc. Anything larger isn't warranted.


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  • You don't need to ask him if he's getting you something. A month is really early for gifts. If you want to give a gift, then you should give one to him because you want to, not because you feel obligated to. Since its only been a short while, it doesn't have to be anything expensive, or deep, or profound. If you can't think of anything, get him something that you know thus far you both enjoy... if your dates have been at coffee shops, or movies, or particular restaurants, get him a gift card to those things.


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  • couple of weeks get something not too expensive but thoughtful


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