Why a girl rejected me and sits next to me in class?

Hello readers. In my law class, I've been attracted to a girl and eventually I've asked her out.

Unfortunately, it turned up that she already has a boyfriend.

However, from the time I've asked her out she keeps sitting next to me in law class instead of one of her usual classmates.

Why would she do that?

Kindly provide answers, in order to clarify what passes through her mind. I'm too much attracted to her that I can not move on so easily.

Thank you for your help that is highly appreciated.


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  • She probably likes you as a friend and doesn't want to let that go.

    • Thank you for your response.
      Well, it is a positive sign that you give me there.

      Do you think that if I build friendship that I'll be able to date her in the future?
      I mean if things do not go well between her boyfriend and her, which I would not hope happens because I'm not the kind of mean guy.

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    • Thank you for your support. It really means a lot ;)

    • Oh no problem hun 😊

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