Decision dillemma! help me choose?

BIG problem here, i need to figure out what to do

i live with my horrible mother, whom i despise, im a student currently looking for a side job but i need to move out

3 options

either take a room in my old hometown and live here while attending school, but i have no job yet

or go to another city start over with life get a job there and live there with no family around

or wait for about 3 months at home while searching for a job and internship and finishing school,,, help


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  • Knowledge is king! Stay on at school/college/uni or whatever for as long as you can. The more qualified you become, the better your chances of getting a decent job. Once you have those qualifications, no one can take them away! It's going to be hard, but moving away on your own is just as hard, albeit in a different way.


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  • Wait 3 months. There's not much sense just leaving with no way to support yourself, especially to a new area.

    • i found a room, i can get that one and live off student loans untill i get a job...

    • And then you have to pay those student loans, try and find a job, pay for the place and all the utilities, groceries, etc. living on your own is no picnic.

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  • Waiting 3 months is the best idea
    That way u have yrslf a degree n a job

  • Stay in school


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