Why won't he be straight with me?

So I was dating a guy for a while, things were amazing and so lovely. There was no pressure in what was coming next or about our feelings we just loved each other's company, but I got scared so called it off as I was falling in love with him. And him being incredibly insecure I was scared of being in love with someone who wasn't In love with me or wouldn't let himself love me because of his mind.. now things have gone so bad... He thinks i try to make him jealous (we work together in a bar) and he's deleted me off everything and can't even look at me... When really I've done nothing all I ever wanted was reassurance that he cared but he didn't give me that, he's had a bad past yes but it's not an excuse. I'm in love with him and he's to mad to even speak to me nicely... What should I do?
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  • he may be in love but the fact is his insecurities are derailing any chance at a relationship. this is an unfortunate reality plenty of people face... it's a reason why i took several years off from dating during a period where my trust issues were so great that i knew i wouldn't be able be in a healthy relationship


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  • He was into you but I guess he was not patient enough to deal with your insecurities.


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