Girls, This girl is ignoring me after giving me her number?


So this is Tinder related LOL :/ So here's what I did...

-Matched with girl from tinder (obviously she can see my pictures etc what I look like)
-Talked to her for like 3 days, going well etc ask for her number
-Got her number, think wow maybe some potential here.
-Start chatting on Whatsapp, girl is like why can't I see your profile picture?
-I'm like what? Ok let me find a new one
-Find a good one of me and my brother on holiday she hasn't seen before..(I asked friends for opinion they are like thats fine you look good)
-Tell her i've changed it
-Girl stops talking and doesn't respond...
-No response for 1 day
-I message her this morning completely unrelated, trying to sorta nudge her into responding.
-No response yet she has seen my message...


If she doesn't want to progress any further why doesn't she just block me, respond with sorry not interested or even unmatch me from Tinder or something? Just give me a sign WTF.

Not responding could mean anything... :/

Oh and to make it more awkward we have 8 mutual facebook friends.


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  • yeah don't mess with her


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