What should I do about this?

There was this girl I saw in my class, and I noticed her always taking glances at me. So I began to wave, smile, or nod at her when I noticed her looking at me. I would also notice in class that when she sat in front of me she would turn around to take glances of me. So I began talking to her to get to know her and asked for her number incase she wanted to study. I began texting her and I notice that she takes an extremely long time to reply or doesn't reply at all. What is going on here?


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  • Do you text her too often? Do you think you're coming across as pushy or overbearing?

    • No, I have texted her 3 times and all have been about homework. But yesturday I asked her how her day went and she never responded. Is she busy or something? Every woman I have ever dated or has liked me has responded almost instantly and always asked a follow up question to continue conversation. Did I miss my window to be more than friends? My friend said that might be the case, but why stare at me?

    • I am sorry but I don't think she's that interested in you.

    • lol it's okay. I was just curious to why she continuously looks at me if she isn't responding to my texts. Lol.

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