He told me that he loves me... Is he just telling me what I want to hear?

-Known eavhother since jr high, he lost it to me, we would talk once in a blue throughout the years, and that's because he would be the one to contact me. We did have hookup a few times when we met throughout those years. (We're in our early twenties now) he would imply sexual things often. And now, he kind of toned it down. At first, this year we've hung out the most we ever have. He didn't call/text only every few days. And then I would respond on some texts and he wouldn't get back to me until a day or later. Anyway, I told him I didn't want it to be just about sex and he said ok he'll try to take me out more. That didn't happen so I just continued to enjoy the hooking up Well, we kept hanging out, mainly his place (parent's place) he'll seldom take me out to movies, or park. He has asked me to "be his girl" via text once and I told him later on let's be friends instead. Anyway, we had passionate sex the other night but he was kind of quiet after he dropped me home and just said " when we kissed I had the chills" but didn't say much else. I don't know what does he want from me? I loved the love making but he isn't very talkative. He also keeps saying to "dominate him" but I want to be dominated as well Hahaah. My question though like I said is, is he just telling me what I want to hear? He told me about how he likes this car and I assure him he'll get it in the future and he'll include "we'll get it" as if we're in a relationship. I don't get it... so today, we talked over the phone and he said "babeee, I love you" and he's told me this before. When I responded with I love you too... He said "yeah?" And I told him I do care about u... We continued talking and he then asked " when are we moving out" ... Is he just telling me this to continue getting some from me or is he serious?


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