Girls, what do you think of guys who whine that they can't get girls and complain that they're better than the guys who have girlfriends?

I hear more and more guys complaining about girls all the time. Some guys complain that girls won't give them a shot, while others point out guys who have gfs and complain that they're better than the guys, so therefore they should have the girl in question. So many guys do this now, including several of my friends. It's amazing to me that these guys think this will help them in any way. It seems to me like a victim mentality that just makes these guys more and more helpless in bettering themselves. I've known my friends since we were freshmen in college, and I swear some of them have never even touched a girl the whole time we've been at our university. So what do y'all think about these guys and why they do this?


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  • LOL I see this happen all the time. Every time I start dating a new guy, guy friends and male acquaintances will all come out of the woodwork telling me that my new boyfriend is a loser and not very attractive, with the insinuation that they're better than him. I'm like, if you were better, you wouldn't have been such a pussy about asking me out, and maybe you'd be with me. Guys get jealous when they other guys getting girls. They'd rather complain and whine about the other guy than to actually take action to make themselves better. That's why 20% of guys get 80% of female attention.

    • It's true, very few guys dominate the market for girls. I know guys who haven't had a single date in their entire time at college, whereas I've had 15 dates. They're just pussies who are too scared to put themselves out there for fear they'll be rejected.

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