Dating vs. being in a relationship?

what does it really mean to be "dating" but not in a relationship?

he broke things off about a month ago because he didn't want a relationship, but when winter break ended and we came back to school he's been talking to me more, we hang out, we go out places, and he acts like he likes me. The last time we discussed what we were (2 weeks ago) he said he wanted to be friends but then we hung out and hooked up. His friend told me that he told him he actually really likes me.

People tell me we are "dating" but why wouldn't he want to be in a relationship with me then? What's the difference between the two?


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  • it means he want you as a friend "with benefits" he's not ready for a commitment and is trying to keep his options open while still trying to be close to you. He may like you yes. But he doesn't think your the one he want to be with. So he will keep you close. Flirt, tell you how beautiful you are just so if he can't find another girl soon he know he can always go back to you. I'm sorry hun you gotta tell him you want a relationship or he will continue to use you like this.

    • Idk though cause when my friend was explaining it to me he was like yea I called him out on using you and his response was "nah man something about this girl I actually really like her." I do know his ex hurt him pretty bad and he hasn't had a relationship since and that ended over a year ago. Could that have something to do with it?

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    • Well I've pretty much been giving him whatever he wants. how do I go about ending it completely without making it awkward?

    • Well if you want ease him out of it but do it as fast as you can if he questions it just say your uncofortable with it. if he doesn't respect that then you shouldnt be going after a guy like that.

  • Dating is more casual than a relationship. Dating is not exclusive. Someone can date multiple people, but a relationship is exclusive. The next step after dating is "seeing someone", which is exclusive, but not quite boyfriend/girlfriend yet.

    • Ya but this sounds like teenage stuff. and as teenagers there really is no difference. if a guy "dates" multiple girls in highscool then he is considered a player and loses credibility, and if its the girl she is considered a skank. so in high school they are one and the same. its once you get to later years of college and beyond that there becomes a difference

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