What are some good places to meet people?

Mostly guys :P Single AF

What are some good places to meet people?


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  • If you want to meet a good guy, try volunteering with some sort of organization... something you believe does some good.

    If you believe it does some good, then a guy volunteering at the same location probably has similar values.

    • Tried that once and EPICALLY failed lol. Maybe I should try again though

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    • The one thing is you can cultivate a bit of a friendship to see what the the guy is really like... dating sites have all kinds of weirdo's!

      I feel sorry for women on them that are truly trying to meet a decent guy... wading through all the duds!

    • Thanks for the MH Guy... cheers!

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  • It depends on who you are and what you are looking for. I suggest a Chess club as most of those men are smart, angry, socially outcast assholes who will do whatever you say to keep you at their side and raise their social status to above the rank of "Hopeless and Worthless the Same".

  • Dating sites (be careful of weirdos)
    Friends of friends,
    School, college, uni
    Clubs and hobbies where you can meet like minded people

  • Post uni I've met all dates from gym, clubs, via friends. In that order.

  • GaG is a good place hehe


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