How come he seems to ignore me?

There's this guy I like but we don't know each other that well. He looks at me a lot down the hall even to the point where he faces me & not the person he's talking to & sometimes looks in class. Before class, since the teacher doesn't open the door till the bell rings, people just stand around & talk to each other in the hallway for about 5 mins. He comes a little after me & comes up to me & looks at me & faces towards me but then talks to someone else (still kind of facing me) or takes part in the conversation but not addressing me. When I talk he usually ignores me anyways & talks to other people? When I look at him he looks away immediately & looks at me when he thinks that I don't notice. He also seems somewhat idiotic around me being really loud or silly & is kinda annoying. Around school sometimes he follows me every now & then. I give him some opportunities to talk to me in the hallway but he doesn't take it. We are both juniors in high school. I have somewhat of an introvertive personality & so I can't be possibly annoying. Also he doesn't know that I like him cause I'm not obvious whatsoever. Why does he ignore me like this?
We're both single


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  • Introverts can be annoying. Just fyi


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