Would I be weird or creepy to ask this guy out?

So there is this guy who works at the McDonald's by my work and he is super cute... each time I'm there he gives me this amazing smile that makes me weak in the knees! The thing is, I have no idea how old he is - for all I know he could be in college, which would make me a total cougar and I don't want to be creepy or weird. Then I also don't know how to let him know I'm interested in him and I don't know if he's single. I worry about making an ass of myself. What would a guy think of this and how should I go about it?
I thought about just letting it go, but I have this feeling each time I see him and I'd love to pursue it...


Most Helpful Guy

  • No Its a new thing now women asking out guys. I wish I could see more of this but Its mostly a guys thing, but as far as you go Please do Go for it ASAP

    • Should I just give him my number? Or is there a better way to go about it?

    • Talk to him and show an Interest and if it goes well give him your phone number then ask him out on the phone if he calls you

Most Helpful Girl

  • Go for it. The next time you go to mcdonalds, order something and then pass him a piece of paper with your number on it
    I once saw the cutest guy I'd ever seen at McDonald's somewhere a few years ago and I haven't seen anyone as cute as him since then. He was SO cute.
    I don't think there's any need for you to let it go, just go for it ;)


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  • Go for it.

    • So you are young... what if a 34 year old woman was interested in you? Would you say it doesn't matter, or it's weird and she's too old? Or maybe her "experience " could be exciting? ;) haha
      He's definitely younger than me, I just don't know how much.

    • Well its kinda weird bc of the large age gap of 12 years. But i wouldn't say no if i thought she was attractive. It just depends on what he thinks bc i guess many guys would feel uncomfortable with large an age gap. Just maybe be a little flirty and give him your no. or somethin.

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  • got get the woman courage and try to flirt a little!! flirt until its all he can think of! haha! Or, you can go and ask him if he single?


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