Ever met the right person at the wrong time?

I wonder about this kinda thing. Three years ago, when I was 19, I met a guy who had JUST broken up with his girlfriend.

At the time, I was still pretty young in the head and naive. It seemed that we both hit it off, and conversation just flowed beautifully between us. I instantly liked the guy. We were so in sync.

So, we fell for each other and started rushing things. Spending all our time together, planning the future and oh my... the way he used to look at me in sheer awe. I loved him. It had only been a short time, but I absolutely adored him.

Of course, things went so fast and he hadn't had time to grieve his relationship with his ex, had he? So things broke down. And they didn't end well. I was gutted.

He he ended up losing it a bit and going off the rails. I had to watch him do this to himself, which had a huge effect on me in the end.

If we ever met each other after all of this, there was still that warmth between us. He still looked at me with soft eyes. And despite me being hard to read, he could tune right in on my body language right away.

I remember he'd told me he thought I deserved better than him and that he was scared he'd end up hurting me, and that's why we split.

Things are different now when I see him. He's a changed man. But he still keeps his eye on me, even if it's just from across the room.

Neither of us have moved on since 3 years ago. And I often wonder if he feels a connection with me too somewhere. Surely, after all this time, I shouldn't still feel pangs of love for him?

I worry I'll never feel for anyone the way I did for him.


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  • if he was the right person he would come in the right time


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