Why don't feminists just get it?

Being feminine and attractive is NOT submissive or subserviant.

Being loud, obnoxious and single forever because no one can stand you is annoying af however.

Discuss lol!
  • Feminine women are attractive
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  • Feminist loud obnoxious manly women are unattractive
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  • Lol I think most women are going to vote B on here because that is pretty much the female GaG population.


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What Girls Said 4

  • Duuuude, I'm a feminist and being feminine is so badass. I love femininity, that's kinda why I'm a feminist, y'know? :P But being feminine does not mean I can't be assertive and speak up when I need to, nor does it mean that I'm weak and have to listen to a guy just because he's a guy.

    • Well to me being a strong personality is totally different than being an obnoxious manly girl.

    • For a lot of people, it's not being obnoxious, it's making their opinions known when they believe it's an important topic. That's not a bad thing.

  • I think you don't get feminism.

  • then what is "feminine and attractive" ?

  • Feminist loud obnoxious manly women v. Feminine women is a false dichotomy.

    • here we go guys lol

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    • en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tilting_at_windmills Tilting is a term that refers to jousting, and windmills is a refer Eve to the book Don Quiote, there the main character thought windmills were giants and tried to slay them.

      Just because something is from another country, doesn't mean it's fucked up.

      As for your initial question. I bet the obnoxious loud angry women you're describing aren't all that attractive because of it. However not all feminists are like that. At is core, feminism is a movement to try and stop descrimination against women for being women. there are plent of women and men who are feminists and go about pursuing gender equality in more subtle less aggressive ways. Like any group feminists have extremists. Those individuals draw most of the public attention and skew the image of the group. Just like boy all Christians are crazy like the Westborro Baptists people.

    • I'm not surprised that he didn't know what it means. I find it a little disappointing that he couldn't be bothered to take (literally) two minutes to look up something which he didn't know.
      Being complacent in your ignorance is beyond sad and beyond pathetic; it's just disturbing.

What Guys Said 3

  • They have a tendency to take people's words/preferences and reword them in order to paint them in a negative light.

  • I'm confused.
    Are you the "FACTS" guy or are you another moron?

    • aw a little 15 yr old that thinks he has life experience YOU'RE SOoO CUUUUTTEEE

    • I guess you are the "FACTS" guy then.
      Awww, a 25 years old who can't grasp the fact that people have different opinions than him, so cute!

  • I don't like "girly girls" (feminine women), I prefer assertive, dominant, tomboyish and sexually aggressive girls ;)

    • tomboyish?

      girly girls and feminine can be assertive/strong and def are sexually aggressive too man

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