Unique ways to approach?

Hey all. I wanna try some witty and unique approaches that may open up a woman's eye and think "wow, he's interesting". Sure there's the standard "hi, I'm So and so".

A good old way to break the ice. Guys, what's worked for you as well?


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  • Umm, this 1 girl used to have the hots for me in middle school. She'd stare, roll her eyes while smirking whenever I caught her looking at me. You know as a way to "green-light" me during lunchtime/the early morning assembly. So about 2 days later I caught her walking down the hallway alone and I "approached her" via "taunting her" in a playful manner with my hands up (in a boxing manner).

    Now I'm a playful/funny kind of guy. So I'm guessing that she already knew what I was doing (breaking the ice). And after I said this or that to her while flirting I basically teased her into trying to punch me, she missed twice, so I told her " take your best shot, I ain't bitch out" LOL.

    About 15 mins later I walked with her to class, added her on FB + got her number just like that. We were good friends with her none punching ass 😂 😂 😂

  • Be me. It seems to work.


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