How would you respond to this text?

I've been on 2 dates with this guy. We were scheduled for a 3rd date tonight. On Tuesday, I decided to reach out and say "good morning. I look forward to seeing you soon. Let me know which day we're doing dinner." He said "I look forward to seeing you too. I'll let you know later today." He ended up texting me the next day with "lets meet Friday or Saturday Night. Whatever works better for you. Good morning, by the way." I said answered several hours later saying "Lets do Friday". But I heard nothing back from him.

Anyway, I did not reach out and neither did he, until the day of our date on Friday Afternoon. He texted me "Hey you. How was the rest of your week?"

How would you respond to this? I was thinking of saying "My week was pretty good, got a lot done, no complaints." then maybe saying "Sorry about tonight by the way. i guess we had miscommunication."

Thoughts are appreciated.


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  • yeah right it it is not a difficult question


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