Girls, At age 46 why am I always rejected everytime I am interested in a woman?

Why do I have a 0% succesz rate woth women? Am i that bad of a guy? Why?
I really wonder where I went wrong in life? I never thought I would ne srill single at 46 but it seems like I may never find a woman.


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  • You like younger women, nothing wrong with that. A lot of guys do. Have you tried taking up hobbies to meet women with similar interests to you? Have you tried online dating? Broaden your horizons. Do women ever give you a reason for rebuffing you? Do you have any female friends you can get any advice from? (Just because I don't know you personally)

    • I have asked many women out and I just can't figure out why I am not wanted orher than my finances. Lol

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    • Broaden your horizons. Hobbies, join clubs, go out a lot, you have to meet a lot of women to find the right one

    • Thank you for MHO :)

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  • Seems like you're limiting yourself by the age of women you want to date. You may need to broaden that group.

    • Whats wrong with 25 to 35. I want kids and a family. I feel like i missed the boat so to speak

    • As already said, those ages of women typically want men around their age.

  • well without knowing anyhing about you, we wouldn't be able to tell. try online dating nd you know be respectful and romantic and good luk

  • maybe because you are interested in younger women?

    • Is that wrong?

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    • Don't give up. You'll find one. I told you before there are a lot of women who prefer older men. If a woman fell in love with you, she won't care about your age.

    • I have been single all 46 years and it hurts a lot

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