Should I ask her out?

So there is this girl who I've become friends with and I liked her for a little while at first but she had a boyfriend so I backed off. Now she broke up with him a little while ago and we were talking about relationship stuff, and we basically both stated that we want to be single for a while because relationships are a pain. The worrying part about her break up with her ex is that she cheated on him (only kissing another guy, no sex) but she felt bad about it and told her ex who then broke up with her. I'm normally smart enough to steer clean of women who fall into this trap because it can happen again to me, but she's a great and nice person so it seems like it really was a mistake. Plus she was honest enough to tell me upfront about it. Lately she has been hanging around me a lot more and invited me to watch a dance that she was in. During the dance one of our mutual friends (female) asked me if I liked her and was very giddy about it. Afterwards she asked me to drive her home even though she could easily get a ride. It almost 100% seems like she is interested in me, and I am willing to give her a chance, but I don't know.


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  • Just do it boy


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