Why do I feel like everyone is better than me?

I've been cheated on by both girlfriends, i have a small group of friends that i love. But i still feel like everyone does better than me. Like being in better relationships and having multiple girls at their call. I feel like the nice guy that is below everyone else.. Like everyone is cooler than me.. And all out better than me..


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  • Because you're a little bit insecure? Because your self conscious? compairing yourself to others never does any good. Someone you know will always be better than you at something, that's how it is with anyone. It doesn't mean that they're better than you as a person. You said your a really nice guy, that already make you better than a lot of people on the planet nowadays. Side note: I'm really sorry you got cheated on twice.

    • Being the nice guy is what got me cheated on twice.. Even though they both had a reputation for cheating either way.. Still doesn't stop the fact that it makes me feel like im a piece of shit..

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