Should I still tell her how I feel?

So I was recently going to ask my crush out on a date, but before I did she told me that she has an interview for a job in another state in a few months and it sounds like she'll probably get the job. I feel like that if I tell her how I feel and she feels the same way, it would affect her decision to take this job she really wants. This is the strongest I've ever felt about about a girl before, so I'm feeling quite down learning this news. Should I tell her how I feel anyway, or just try to let her go with her never knowing?


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  • You never want to hold someone back from anything that can better their life. I say just see if she gets it, if not go for it.


What Guys Said 1

  • This ones tough because if its in hopes she gives up the job for you and it doesn't work out does that make you selfish? I think I'd tell her but don't expect her to stay

    • I wouldn't expect her to stay. I care for her enough that I want her to do what is best for her, even if it doesn't include me. This is exactly what I'm worried about is she wouldn't take the job and then it wouldn't work out between us so I possibly ruined her life.

    • Like I said its tough. Possibly going with her if she sees a possible future and feels the same?

    • Not really. I'm not done with college yet (she is though she's 3 years older) and I also love where I live now and although the other state is neighboring I don't like it as much

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