How can I get this guy to be comfortable around me?

This guy acts so weird around me. It's been happening for a while actually. He does thing like: (1) stare at me
(2) stares at me when I'm not looking
(3) his friends stare at me
(4) his friends tell him when I walk into a room
(5) whenever he sees me in the hallways he look up briefly at me and then look down quickly
(6) He'll sit near me in class. He won't actually sit in the seat next to me but he'll find ways to sit on the same side of the room as me and in the same row. And he'll sit near me with the same group of friends that stare at me.
(7) The list goes on...

I guess what I'm asking is how I can get him to get comfortable with me and why does he act like this around me. I told him I liked him a while back and I guess that made him shy. For example, he came up to talk to me one time and couldn't look me in the eyes, he just looked at the ground the entire time, smiling. I get the feeling that I make him nervous but he's able to talk to other girls just fine and hold conversations with them. What can I do to help ease the tension between us?


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  • Say hi and smile.


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