A guy told me that I will never get a boyfriend unless I change myself. Im kind of a goof-ball. Do guys find that a turn off?

Im not an annoying goof-ball though. I make people laugh a lot, i guess you can say my weirdness is entertaining.


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  • It's OK to be a goof ball. You don't need to change who you are to get a guy. There is a huge variety of guys and a huge variety of girls. They all get sorted out and matched up. There are plenty of guys who prefer weird over normal. Don't let one guy's statement affect you too much.

    • this guy is totally right
      i'd easily prefer that over tons of other types of women

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  • You are a kid so Its ok to be silly. But once you hit 20 then no way I like a non stop goof ball

  • Well it depends, if you are the kind of person who is always like that i wouldn't like.

  • not at all! it's a relief from stress! :)


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