Did I scare him off?

So I met this guy on tinder and he super liked me. ( that whole like or super like thing on tinder now) and we've been talking for weeks except he's super busy with his job. And I've been (coincidently) having issues with my phone, but just the other day he didn't reply so naturally i took initiative and texted him. the problem is that he didn't know who i was? my contact info came on as my email versus phone number and i panicked. i said i guess i might be texting the wrong person. then found out later it might have been an issue on my end then updated him on it. and he hasn't replied i then asked if he knows that its me. and well he hasn't replied all day. im scared that i might have scared him off? and i actually really like him. but then again i feel like im the only one that wants to continue this?
now im thinking about sending him one last text, letting him know Im sorry about the whole phone incident and texting so much (because i usually text what i think, no filter) and replying to the questions he had earlier (before this whole thing).


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  • People lose interest. Probably nothing to do with you


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