Girls, She wants a baby at 21 , is this a good idea financially?

I earn average wage , have no debt. 50 k saved up


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  • id suggest giving it another 2 years. try to get some real coin in and enjoy each other's company because while babies are adorable, they will take a toll on your sexy time.

    • I convince her to get a puppy , dame she don't want one

    • LOL! gosh maybe u should just surprise her with one and she won't be able to resist! :P
      by the way can i say i really respect that you've adhered to ur christian values. i saw that on another opinion.

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  • its a good idea only if both want it and only if both would be able to support it

    • I talked about babies , bad mistake I want to improve my career , I've already earn big money in my 20s. I have no debt which is good. But iam Christian no sex before marriage agreement. I want her to be happy.. But feel this insnt the right time I'm in my late 20s

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    • Only meet her over a year ago. I said will try for a baby in a few years

  • Why not, I think it is!


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