Does my boyfriend actually have feelings for me or is it just a game?

So I've been with this guy and its only been about 2 weeks, he's a friend of my ex's so I'm like his little secret because if my ex found out it would be quite awkward. The thing is he asked me to his prom the first day we started talking to each other, I was like WHAAT? like we'd only just got together, baring in mind his prom is 7 months away that was really weird. He's barely even online and we don't speak much, its like he doesn't even want to get to know me but then I think to myself why did he ask me out, he said he loves me on the first day we started talking, he said I'm his world on like the second day, I was so confused like we only got together and he knows nothing about me like it didn't make sense, he ignores some of my messages, this really annoys me and I feel like double texting him asking why is he ignoring me bt then I don't wanna seem like the crazy bitch girlfriend. But its like he has time to put up a status on facebook but can't even send me one message, it just makes me think. I think he only asked me out because of something to do with his friend, you know the one I was with before I met him? I'm the kind of person who over thinks I jump to conclusions I need other people's point of views before I can decide what I'm going to do. The most likely thing I'm going to do is just break up with him. Thanks x


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  • It sounds like a game to me.
    It sounds like he's having a good laugh with your ex behind your back over the fact that you're gullible and think he wants to go to prom in 7 months with you and loves you. That is WAY too fast to honestly say that kind of stuff, which is why it makes me think it's a joke.

    I think you should break up with him after having a conversation with him.


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  • girl a piece of advice... a guy who says he loves you as soon as he meets you, he lying lmao. he sounds like a player. and most likely has more than one girl on the side. so leave his ass

  • Girl he's playing you like a card game drop him


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