How can I move on?

Hello, for the first time I've asked out a girl today in my college and she gently told me that she already has a boyfriend. I've been thinking of asking her out for one full month, since I've never done that I've gathered like a huge courage, more than you can imagine to ask her out.

Now, I don't know what I could possibly do to think about something else. My midterms are coming the next week, and can not even stop a second thinking of her. I would really like to focus on something else, and study a little for my coming exams.

Any kind of advice will be much appreciated, I'm sure that you can do something.



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  • I'm proud of you for taking a risk. That takes a lot of courage, and it sucks that you got let down. At least now you know that you have the courage to ask a girl you're interested in out on a date.

    As for moving on, it's really a matter of keeping your mind occupied. You have to be busy, and mentally busy. If you are sitting in your room studying alone, your mind will wander. Try either studying with a friend or out at the library. The pressure of being watched will make you more productive.

    • I hope that I'll be able to take again the same risk as I took today because it was really worth it. Anyways, it is the first time that I do such a move since it was really for the first time in my life that I feel so huge feelings in regards of a girl. It's a one time experience for me lol.

      You're right, I'm studying on my own and can not focus at all. Well, I'll follow your advice and call some friends to study together otherwise I'll be daydreaming about her and ended up not being productive as I should in these difficult times.

      Thank you for your help.

    • Good luck on your exams!

    • Thank you ! :)

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  • You can't REALLY get over this if you remain a feminist.

    • We'll see what will happen.

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    • You'll never know ;)

    • oh yes i will ;)

  • Let it go, let it go, Just let it go (Olaf dancing in the background) let it go. (Swirling snow and snowflakes) let it goooo.

    • Lol you've made me laugh with this one.

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