What do I do if me "bae" won't talk to me?

Like recently he hasn't been texting me or calling me back. I talked to him Monday & Tuesday & thats it. (This has been happening for almost 3 weeks) He says his parents are having problems and I understand that but im here for you and willing to listen but he says he doesn't like to open up so i told him i was going to give him sometime to his self. Its really just lack of communication and it really makes me upset or mad cuz I honestly have no one else to talk to and i told him i dont like texting other guys out of just respect. I really like him but im really feeling neglected here and its causing me to think about bad things. What do I do?


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  • Try not calling him bae. You need to learn to not be dependent on your boyfriend. I was and then he moved 4 hours away and that became a reality check. Is parents are having it rough and know that better than anyone. He probably just doesn't want to feel obligated to talk about it. Also, if you can't text other boys because you're with him then he is controlling as fuck and you need to get out of the relationship. Try talking in person and going out for a coffee or something to see where you guys are in your relationship.

    • He's not controlling at all actually thats my choice. I say that because other guys dont know im even messing with no one so I dont want to text them & other guys want to be with me while im with him

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    • 😂 im not, not talking to nobody i have a lot of guy friends. they all real cool im talking bout talking to new guys and getting to know them

    • If you want to you should go talk to new people. Anyway this is straying from my point which is you need to talk to him in person and figure out where your relationship is.

  • Just give him the space he needs. He'll talk to you when he can.


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