I asked a shy guy to the movies and I think he is going to keep me waiting?

Ok so i have been crushing on a guy from work. He is very quiet and shy. He is 26, i am 23. It all started when he would look at me a lot and we started to make eye contact and i would catch him looking at me a lot and people around me would notice his coworker asked him if he liked anyone he said yes and his friend would point out girls and when he pointed at me that he got red and laughed and didn't answer. I asked him what he was doing this weekend and he said he was going to do some chrismas shopping which by the way he hates shopping So i finally got the courage to just ask him if he wanted to go to the movies with me one of these days he grinned and said what movie did i want to see i said creed. He paused and said the boxing movie? Yes that one! Then there was another pause he said i heard that was a good one. I said yes thats why i want to see it lol then i told him i can accompany him shopping and he grinned so he didn't give me a yes or no so he had to go to break then later on i ranned into him and i asked him so whats your answer and he got shy and looked down and said yes we can go to the movies together but i just dont know Friday or sat. I said ok sure just text me and let me know? He said yes and its sat today and he hasn't texted me: -( help i guess he dosent like me i dont know but im freaking out now


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  • Either text him first or wait until you're at work again and ask him then


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  • If he's as shy as you say, you may need to take more of the lead. Text him something like "hey handsome, where/when do you want to meet for the movie today?"


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