We had sex and now he's ignoring me and I dont even want a relationship?

So This guy and I have been friends for quite some time (about 4 years) and We have always had some sort of connection but it just never wored out. He had a lot going on and so did I. Recently I facebook messaged him and was just talking to him again after not talking to him for a long time. We decided to hang out a few times and cuddle, nothing more. Then one night while we were cuddling he kissed me and said he really really likes me and then the next time after that, he came over before I was gonna leave for Chicago with my family and we had sex. Then I went to chicago and nothing... not a word. I texted him once and asked if he wanted to go to the TSO concert with me, my brother, and my best friend and He never answered, so I texted him after I got back from Chicago on Sunday and I said "You could of just said no, lol, hope you had a good Thanksgiving with Decklyn and your parents. (Decklyn is his child) and nothing. So Thursday, I still hadn't recieved anything and so i sent him another long text basically telling him how he didn't have to worry because I do not want a relationship and how I was confused as to why we hadn't texted even to get together to cuddle again. I swear... all i wanted was some cuddling. Its Saturday and still nothing. He won't talk to me? What gives? Any answers other then guys are jerks? because thats very clear to me. lol.


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  • his behaviour is confusing , it does appear that he liked you. I'm not really sure why he isn't replying. it could be that he felt you wanted more than he could offer , in terms of a commitment and relationship. some guys just aren't ready for a serious relationship although they want to have sex

    • right but i stressed to him that i dont want a relationship, which i dont. I just want a cuddle buddy... so the ignoring me thing doesn't make sense? why would you not wanna be cuddled by someone? its weird to me.

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    • guys dont make sense because if you dont want to be cuddled then wouldn't you come out and say, I dont want to be cuddled and I would be like okay and find someone else who fits my needs? lol. Communication is key.

    • considering the time of year he likely thinks you want something more even if you have told him you didn't , personally I'd assume a girl wanted a relationship considering the time of year around holidays and such. I wouldn't assume she just wanted to be friends , whatever reasons he has I don't think this guy wants anything serious

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  • I think it was a really awkward thing for him and he most likely doesn't know how to bounce back from this. You can't exactly come back and say, well, lets pretend that never happened. He honestly is proabably confused about his feelings and how to meet you or talk to you without that event being brought up.

  • He regrets having sex with you.

    • that may be true, he did say he hasn't done aything with anyone in a long time... i think last time he had sex, he got a kid out of it, so he may be scared about that whole thing but i am on birth control so i am not pregnant 100%. Guys are weird though, why wouldn't you just communicate with me if that was the case? I am a girl and I have fears too... i mean its natural to fear that once you have had a kid, i get it.

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