Keep thinking about him - to contact or not?

Hi everyone,

I'd really appreciate some advice on my situation. I've been on tinder for about 6 months yet and am feeling pretty disillusioned with it after a series of terrible dates. However, about 6 weeks ago I met up with a guy who I matched with on there and we got on well and had a good connection. We met up a second time, but he was very disorganised and kept arranging dates for us to meet and then cancelling because he hadn't realised he'd already got something else to do that day. I got a bit tired of his cancelling and also paranoid that he was doing it as a way of getting out of seeing me (even though he always suggested alternate dates to meet up) so I kind of called him out on it and he apologised for being so terrible and said it was his fault that he arranges too many things all at once and isn't organised enough so it would probably be better if we didn't see each other again.

On one hand, I don't really want to be with someone who can't stick to arrangements that are made, but on the other hand it's been six weeks and I am still thinking about him and wanting to see him again. I deleted him from facebook but I'm wondering if I should send him a message and if so, what I should say?

Any help would be gratefully received. I don't want to look desperate but I'm also reluctant to leave things as they are as I think I will always be left wondering 'what if?' otherwise.


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  • I don't think it's worth it. If he said it's his fault and that it's best you don't see each other again then it's really his way of saying "I don't like you enough to want to make it work". I really think you can do better than a guy who just gives up and refuses to try to make it work. It's not like you were asking much of him... just his time and even that seemed too much for him.


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