Will I end up alone?

I think that our society has become way to materialistic and most people's interest lies in showing off or looking good.
I have been alone for 19 years (my hole life) but i am far from a looser. i am a student in one of the best engineering university worldwide and i don't consider myself as a failure. i have a good amount of loyal friends and i'm pretty social. i live alone i don't like partying (not my thing). i can't get myself to talk to most girls as i find their conversation topics pretty boring and they complicate things way too much. sorry but i can't see how you can take half an hour to decide where we are going to have lunch or if we should go out or stay at home. i am probably the problem but how i see things going i will probably end up alone (as i hate gold-diggers). what do you think i should do?


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  • Wait men you will be surprised to learn that, teens with your attitude usually end up Happily married through out their life time. Just wait for the right chick to pounce on you and stop complaining men you are just 19 not 45.

  • Just wait for the right person to come around, because they will.


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