Why people who are bellow average looking ask me about my phone # and other people don't! Although I have very good looking! Any idea?


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  • they are likely people you know from real life and felt there was a reason to stay in touch with you? or they were random people you didn't know and interested in getting to know you better

    • Just random people ask me for a date!

    • yeah some guys will do this , I used to when I was younger start random conversations with girls I was into

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  • Lower your standards and don't be too confident.


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  • Lol maybe cause good looking think u r too good and not approachable enough
    Can I get your number? Lol

    • I don't understand this idea! I heard this a lot but don't get it! So why bellow avg people think I am approachable and good looking don't think this why! The logic says If I am cute I will love to have a cute boyfriend!!!

    • No lol that's not how life works most of the times
      You will almost always get something that is lower then u

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