Guys, guys can I have advice?

if youve been datin someone for 6 months, and things recently wents bad after an unexpected misscarage, so things broke off as they went bad due to awful comuntcation with feelings towards the matter..2 months ago... would i still be in his mind, i see him a lot and he still looks at me in a sad way, hugs me with earge until he shakes and dosent let go... does he love me? and is it normal for him to talk to other girls? would they be a distration or do they/she mean anything?
  • give him time, he'll open up
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  • It sounds like he is holding a lot inside right now that he hasn't or won't let out. Can't speak on the subject of this other woman as to Wherther or not she means anything to him or if she is just an ear that he bends


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