How to respond to a 'Kinda Catfish'?

Ok so I know online dating is all the rage right now but it's kinda misleading let's just be honest. A guy contacted me wanting to go out and get to know me better I checked out his profile & he was cute. We talked for a few days then set up a date. I sent a recent picture of me & got one in return which is fine if the pic didn't 1 scare me half to death & 2 look sooo much different. Now I know I'm kinda being a shallow bitch @ this point but isn't he being misleading? Any opinions on what I should do? Or how I'm acting?


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  • Let me see it


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  • I think it's natural I don't photograph well so I DO not take photos of myself so if there is some bouncing around out there I didn't put them there, but I digress you are not being shallow you aren't a bitch you like what you like and that's okay just don't be a douche men are far more fragile then us.


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