Why exes wanted to act nice after break up?

were both 24 by the way

me and my ex gotten back together after 8 months of break up
(we broke up 10//2014 but we still see each other till 12/2014 then no contact till 5/2015)

he said we gonna start a new slate
at first few months it was ok
then we both get busier, were both graduating, we barely see each and talk to each other even more

i haven't seen him for 2 months because of his school, i was done with school 1 month ahead of him
those months i tried my best not to distract and stress him out, i gave him time and space for himself to focus..

but I was wrong, i was trying hard enough, but he wasn't.. and that time one of his friends (a girl) became single and he was the shoulder to cry on.
i kinda question it that to him,,
but he said, he's only a friend and they hang out more because the girl doesn't have that much friends and she lives down the street from him..

and now, he broke up with me yesterday.. in person
he said he isn't feeling the same way anymore..
he didn't even remember when the last time he hang out with me.. i told him its been last July since i go out on a date with him..
he said he though his feelings will come back if he started talking to me again..
which he didn't
(i think its because, we dont talk too and see often thats why it didn't work out..)
and rhe other reason too is, he's having feelings for his friend..
i was devastated when i heard that, i told him i gave him time and space for him to focus on his study not to focus on someone else

our relationship probably didn't work because he was focusing on someone else all along, that cause him not to try hard enough and not putting too much effort..

he told me he was selfish and wasn't thinking.. if he was, this couldnt happen

he also said he understand if i dont wanna communicate with him anymore
(to myself "wtf w


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  • So they don't feel like jerks I guess after breaking your heart.

    • we've been good friends before i started dating him. he really thinks i will still contact him after what he did to me. smh, but i know this time i would move on faster, bc there's 3rd party involve and it wasn't my fault this time

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