What am I doing wrong, how come guys do not want to date me?

I do not expect guys to fall in my lap

And pretty much all I get are men who are into casual sex and I'm not so I'm the type of person that would rather be alone than have casual sex

And when I'm honest with some men about what I want I get some aggressive reactions

I has to delete a number today because of a guy who did that
I put myself out there I approach men
I am not some self entitled princess
I have realistic expectations
I told this guy how I felt about him yesterday and he acted rude so I deleted his number


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  • It's maybe badluck that you don't get good guys for yourself
    Hang in there and you'll have the right dude

    • These guys I did no even know them that long I talked to this guy for less than 5 days and he turned out to be an asshole
      This other guy approached me and the first thing he asked me was about sex

    • Block those asses
      You'll have good luck soon don't worry

Most Helpful Girl

  • It's the guys that you're hanging around. Plenty of guys aren't into casual sex, my boyfriend and I are waiting for marriage and my guy friend is single and waiting also.

    • Also if you come across promiscuous, you might be giving them the wrong idea.

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    • Most of my friends are female I don't hang out with a lot of men

    • I'm not waiting for anything. I live my life and I happen to meet guys.

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  • you and soooooo many other girls

    • How does that address my question

  • Try going for a nice guy

    • I did and he turned out to be an asshole

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    • What type of guy do u usually go for?

    • I honestly don't believe I have a type

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