My boyfriend doesn't like to go to parties, but I love them! Is this a deal breaker?

So my boyfriend goes to a school 5 mins by train away from me. so I only get to see him on weekends and once during the week when we watch movies. Since i'm in college and it's the weekend, I love to go to parties and drink on both Friday and Saturday. However he doesn't like to go to parties at all (he does drink and smoke though), and even gets a little bothered that I drink both days when I'm with him. I understand him not liking me drunk all the time when i'm around him, but it's only cause it's the weekend and that just so happens to be the only time we see each other. I don't mind staying in one day, but I would prefer to go to a party Saturday and with him. He's fine with me going to them, but I'd rather have him there with me! Is this gonna become a problem? Like is this enough to be a deal breaker cause now I feel like i'm giving up a party night I was so excited for, so I can stay in and watch movies AGAIN with him. And don't get me wrong I'll have fun with that. but sometimes I wanna change it up and not watch movies everytime we see each other.


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  • Sounds like it already is a problem, and not one you can reconcile easily. Really if talking it through with him doesn't help then it might be time to move on.


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  • I don't know you seem like a nice girl but yeah! I think you should break it off since you rather party than be with him.

    • it's not that I'd rather party than be with him. It's that I wish he would wanna party with me once in a while

    • Than ask him if he can try!

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  • It just sounds like you don't click. You both want different things, and it seems you live different lifestyles. I recommend you both have a good talk and find out what you guys really want from each other.


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