Dating a girl from halfway around the world! What do I do?

Hello there! I need dating advice :) So, about 2 months ago I broke up with my Ex, where beforehand I had met this amazing girl who was on exchange from the other side of the world for a year. After the breakup, she was incredibly helpful regarding talking me through it and really pulled me out of my sadness. So 2 months on we are still fantastic friends and we chat daily. So its Saturday night and we start chatting, and in a spur of utter craziness, i send a lame joke, without thinking about how stupid it was. I then get this back; OMG You're insane... AND I LOOVE IT (Crying with laughter face) Facebook sticker with dog and love hearts. Being me, my brain went into a sort of overdrive, and internally starting freaking out, you know, the whole "his palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy" sorta thing. I then sent a love heart cat thing back to sort of keep the thing going. We continue chatting as if nothing happened for a while, when I say "I can't wait till we can chill in the holidays". She then replies with "And yaaas so looking forward to chill! Do you like movie world and wet and wild?", closely followed by her out of the blue asking for my snapchat name. She sends me a cute selfie, I call her hot, and she sends 2 more photos of her making stupid faces. This goes on for 5 min until we have to go. Later I talk about how im scared of heights and she says "Looking forward to scared Hamish! (Emoji with love heart eyes)." This ends for a while, as we have been extremely busy with school recently, but now its holidays. Small problem though, conversation has been bland with only me texting first. I feel as if everytime I text I am being too forward because she NEVER texts first. Even when I do text it will take ages for her to reply. Twice now I have recieved a reply with "Im busy atm" so I have no idea what to do. I feel like things have changed. I really want her! What do i do? It is the holidays now, so we can do plenty of things but I feel as if I can't ask her!


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  • I'm here for eminem! Hahaha

    I think you should give her some time, she might be very busy

    • Hahah, nice I dont mind him either :)

      She might be... I can see she's online on facebook and she still doesn't send a message, thats the only thing.

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    • She does post but not often. See what would happen is I would send a text and she would consistently reply late at night. Its really frustrating

    • Well :/ I think you should wait. If you keep texting her it could be very annoying for her because she's busy. After some time, you can text her again and if she nicely tells you she's busy or she doesn't want to talk or you anymore, then moving on is the best option.

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