I think my girlfriend might cheat?

girlfriend of 3 months and we just graduated. She has a lot of hs guy friends but rarely hangs out with them (once a month). These are friends no worries. There's a particular guy friend of hers that has been bothering my mind for a minute. She likes this guy's pics/post on facebook a lot and only him. If he posts a joke she will put "lol hahahah". The things he posts aren't just posts some say "i need a girl who's real and knows what she wants", "i kind need a babe and kind of don't". Another time he told my girlfriend "you a real one" and my girlfriend replied "real recognizes real". If this isn't enough my girlfriend last time told him "hey we should race with our cars and drink a beer after adn are those new rims? *in love emoji face* ". Three months later after i read this she was wishing dude a birthday and she said "Happy bday and her don't forget about our future race" something like that she wrote but she indeed reminded him.

Am i overthinking this or is this girl on the way to cheating/dumping me? no she doesn't txt/call him this is just on facebook. To be honest he is a threat/competition.


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  • You are definitely overthinking. The fact that u wrote that whole thing out is too much. You should trust her, but if you are really thinking about it and it bothers you, confront her and ask her, but do it nicely, not in a rude way. Just ask her about her friendship with the other guy. Don't imply that you think she would cheat, girls don't like that.


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  • talk to the guy and say u will kill him (literally) if he messes with ur girl, or threaten him


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  • You clearly don't trust her if you think she would cheat because she has made a few friendly comments. Seriously, it's your insecurity, and your lack of trust with destroy your relationship.


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